Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting BTConity.com - a btc faucet where anyone can earn bitcoins by visiting the site.
Please bear in mind several terms while using BTConity.com (in further text - BTConity or Site).
First of all Site pays only to legitimate and real users and not bots and any other possible workarounds are not allowed and will not
receive free bitcoins (they will be eventually cancelled). In addition, payments are dependent on the income from the advertisements
and Site does not guarantee any payouts.

We are extremely transparent and amount of available bitcoins can be seen in the front page in the "Balance" field. Balance field changes
all the time thus even though it may be low at some point it will be updated as balance of bitcoins varies dynamically taking into account
amount of the traffic and users that the Site has. Please bear in mind that bitcoins are managed by thirparty wallets and in case of default (such as epay) the Site has no liabilities in any case as mentioned before no payouts are guaranteed. Please manage your bitcoins safely and as soon as possible send them to your wallet.
Also amount of free Satoshis may vary dinamically.